The only site I use & wouldn't dare try any other

I really hate wasting my time and this site really weeds out the BS. I hear stories all the time of how much I'm gonna get spoiled by someone when… Blah blah blah. On their terms. This site for me has actually makes the gentlemen prove it first. In fact, I'm very impressed with these men. I've been on many dates and all of them have been great. Only problem is they all live far so its very hard to start a relationship. Although, we all keep in touch and if our paths cross we try and work something out. I now have new friends all over the place. I love it! Thank you to all the brave men that use this site.


My first date

I wasn't sure what I expecting, till I met the guy and I have to say wow, what a total gentleman he was. For my first date I can't complain he was very respectful he paid for everything and my parking. I didn't have to remind him for the money he gave it to me after our date was over.


My overall experience

I've been on several dates from WhatsYourPrice. The best part is how easy it is to find a date on here. For the most part my dates have all been pleasant and just a good overall experience. WhatsYourPrice has a good site and overall good system.

You have to pay before you can talk to women and set up the date and I understand why. Most woman are honest about their intentions and keep updated pictures. My advice is to talk to people before you go on a date. It WILL save you MONEY. Don't let them rush you into a date. The site has a good system in place.



This is a great way to meet people you would otherwise would not be able to meet. When you work too many hours you can't meet anyone. Whoever came up with this idea understood exactly what happens in this fast paced and hard working world!


First and only!

The first person to message me from WhatsYourPrice is the last one I'll be seeing. He was a complete gentlemen and super funny! Almost as if we were the same person, our humor was on the same level and we found things we had in common to talk about. Super sweet and handsome guy. He even got me a Christmas gift and showed me a good time on both dates! I couldn't have asked for anything more!


Met a wonderful woman

I recently met a nice and attractive women from What's Your Price. She accetped an offer which was acceptable to both of us and met for fun dinner. I enjoyed great conservation and am excited to meet her for a second date. She appreciate the money gave her as promised and we both left happy we meet on WYP

I would rate her 5 starts


The perfect date

I wasn't sure what to expect when I accepted my first date through this site, but I couldn't have had a better experience. My date was a complete gentleman, and we had a great time on a very fun and interactive date. We laughed a lot, I learned a new sport, and the conversation was effortless. I was very pleased with the man I got to meet and have gotten to know through this site.


i love WYP

I have met 3 great individuals. Nice individuals. Lovely individuals… And for the curious, yes generous gentlemen. I am very happy. Thank you WYP. Best dating site ever!!! I am not sure if i met mr. Right. Too soon to tell. Keep you posted ?!!!


First date

We went to a little Mexican restaurant. We had an awesome conversation. We laughed a lot and exchanged numbers. I had a great time!



i have got to give props to WhatsYourPrice. This is the best idea since peanut butter and chocolate.i have been on several nice dates with gentlemen who treat me to a nice meal and great conversation. We got to know about each other and they were more than willing to pay the agreed upon amount.